Moving from Amsterdam to Prague

And from Prague to Amsterdam, specializing in small moves

Haarlem, The Hague, Eindhoven, Groningen

Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Munich

Rates from €620

Specialist in small moves

Moving from Amsterdam to Prague

Briand is a moving company based in Amsterdam, offering local and international moving services. We specialize in small house moves and provide help with moving from Amsterdam to Prague . With us you move your goods from Amsterdam to Prague from €620. Below you find example rates for different amounts of stuff that we can move. Because we specialize in small house moves, we are one of the few companies that uses small moving vans. As a result, we use at least three van sizes. We obviously do this to minimize costs for everyone and also, to work more efficiently. If interested, feel absolutely free to contact us.

Moving 10-35 boxes (4.5m3 van) 
Moving from Amsterdam to Prague


Moving 60 boxes + 1 sofa (12m3 van)
From Prague to Utrecht


70 boxes + 2 beds + sofa  (20m3 van)
From Utrecht to Prague


Other rates

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Moving from Amsterdam to Prague

Many people are moving from Amsterdam to Prague and from Prague to Amsterdam with us. The clients we have are mostly IT professionals moving between cities.

Moreover, we can offer competitive rates for small moves between the two cites. Besides moving services, we also offer storage options as well.

Since we are a basic moving company, we only move by the stairs, not by the windows. This means, when we move stuff into or out of the building, the stuff needs to fit through the stairwells obviously.

Of course, we also move from and to other cities in the Netherlands, such as Utrecht or Haarlem and, in addition, we definitely go to other cities in the Czech Republic.

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