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Terms & Conditions

We always do our best to move you professionally and as efficiently as possible.
To make this possible, we have a number of general terms and conditions to make your move successful.
Customer: this means the customer and any representative of the customer, contact person specified on behalf of the customer and the group on behalf of which the customer requests / books the services. In addition, the person indicated has a payment obligation and must be allowed to bear the comparable / related activities, powers and responsibilities of the customer.

1. The van size is always based on the type and number of goods. When the customer orders a specific size of van, only ‘transport without help’ options are possible.
2. Rates for local moves are increased by 50% to 100% before 9.00 am and after 10.00 pm.
3. If the customer decides to cancel the removal, this must be reported in writing at least 48 hours in advance and confirmed by telephone. Down payments made by the client will not be returned if the client cancels the removal.
4. For local moves, the customer must be present during the entire move to ensure the safety of the goods. Items of extreme value must remain in the possession of the customer at all times.
5. Staircases, including corridors, must be completely cleared before the start of the move.
6. The customer is responsible for free passage for the all contents that need to be moved. This applies to all addresses that Briand makes on behalf of the customer.
7. The contents of the customer must be packed ready for transport (except for wrapping service). We don’t pack boxes and suitcases
8. The contents of a removal box must be packed in such a way that loose items can not damage each other. Ladles and / or doors must also be secured. Where necessary, fragile parts must be adequately protected.
9. All boxes must be well closed, cabinet doors locked, loose shelves in the cabinets must be removed in order to limit damage during transport.
10. All valuables such as jewelry, cash, etc. must at all times remain under the supervision of the customer.
11. Small items (such as, lusters, stand lamps, pots, etc.) must be packed in closed boxes in advance. If this is not the case, movers may refuse to move these items or the transport thereof will always take place at the risk of the customer.
12. Disassembly and assembly of furniture must be done by the customer before the move. We don’t provide disassembly services.
13. Electronic devices must be packaged in original boxes. If this is not the case, the movers may refuse to relocate them or the transport is at all times at the risk of the customer.
14. If an item has an above-average value or disproportionate value, this must be reported to Briand before the start of the removal. Examples are; precious works of art, design furniture pieces or heirlooms with high emotional value. If the customer fails to do so, the customer should deprive Briand of the possibility to take the correct precautionary measures. As a result, the transport of items with a value as described above will automatically take place at the risk of the customer. Briand does not accept any liability for the items described above if it has not been informed before the start of the removal.
15. Heavy objects such as (for example) washing machines will only be moved on the ground floor and if upstairs, by two movers from Briand.
16. The customer is responsible for properly securing and disconnection of the washing machine. In the event that this has not happened, Briand is not liable for any damage to the washing machine and / or home and any consequential damage.
17. Mattresses (as well as the entire contents, except for wrapping service) must be packed in advance if they are not allowed to be dirty. If this is not the case, the transport will be at your own risk at all times.
18. The move of items heavier than 80kg is at all times at the risk of the customer. The relocation of such heavy household effects / freight must be reported in writing to Briand prior to the commencement of the relocation. The movers are at all times entitled to refuse these items. The moving of such items must take place with at least three movers.
19. Briand reserves the right at all times to transport potting earth / plants, or items whereof the movers can not guarantee safe transport and refuse animals, or the transport thereof is at the risk of the customer.
20. No more than 20% of fragile materials may be transported per van.
21. The customer is responsible for packaging and protection of household effects against scratch and impact damage. Sensitive parts of household effects such as large surfaces, edges and points must be protected prior to moving. (except for wrapping service).
22. Second-hand / used goods are never insured for damage and are moved at the customer’s risk.
22. Glass is never insured for damage and are moved at the customer’s risk.
24. Only new goods in original boxes are insured for damage. They have to be declared with original invoices before requesting a quote.
25. Briand can not be held liable for the loss or theft of goods of the customer. Only for international moves Briand is responsible.
26. For international moves the standard insurance for loss or theft is €3000. Additional insurance is to be agreed on before the move.
27. Damage to plants, paintings, aquariums, animals and staircases always remains excluded from the liability of Briand.
28. The customer is responsible for the protection of all floor parts where contents must be moved, this also applies to the entire passage of the contents to all addresses that Briand makes on behalf of the customer. Wooden and stone floors are fragile and must be adequately protected by the customer. Damage to floor parts are always at the risk of the customer.
29. We only move through the stairwells, not through the windows. Briand is in all cases exempt from all liability for damage to staircases and household effects.
30. Rust, oxidation and water damage caused by other weather conditions or other external causes are not covered by Briand’s liability.
31. Exemption for damage amounts to €250 is always at the expense of the customer.
32. Briand is not liable for any damage to the customer if this damage has arisen as a result of the provision of incorrect / incomplete information and / or unsound materials by the customer. This also includes moving boxes that are in bad condition.
33. Briand can never be held liable on account of material or physical damage, to or by the customer or to his or her helpers inflicted on anyone, even if the claim occurs on the occasion of the cooperation between an appointed person and the customer and / or his / her helper (s).
34. Briand is liable for waiting times caused by traffic and incorrectly parked vehicles. The costs of the waiting time are always at the expense of Briand.
35. The customer, or the indicated contact person, must have sufficient payment options to pay the total fee of the move, instruct the movers where necessary and bear full responsibility.
36. The rates that Briand provides are based on the information provided by the customer by means of the quote form. By accepting the price and time indication these General Terms and Conditions are automatically valid. This is also a commitment to the presence of a qualified person during the move.
37. Payment must be made in cash immediately after the removal, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
38. Private individuals can not pay per invoice.
39. Companies can pay by invoice in accordance with Briand. New company customers need to pay in advance or immediately after the removal.
40. Briand reserves the right to terminate the contract without any compensation being required, in case of force majeure, strike, lockout, fire, war, mobilization, flood, other (natural) disasters and any cause of delay or external factors that do not allow the removal independent of the will of the moving company; Briand.
41. Additions and / or changes can only be added prior to the commencement of the removal and must be confirmed by Briand in advance. If the relocation situation / information deviates from reality, this is no reason for complaint or compensation. The bill must be paid in all cases.
42. Address changes can only be reported to Briand prior to the commencement of the removal. The price and time indication as provided and accepted is no longer valid if Briand does not contact known addresses on behalf of the customer. The customer accepts all (ensuing) financial consequences.
43. If the customer can not be physically present during the relocation, a contact person must first be appointed. This must be present throughout the move and acts on behalf of the customer and bears all the responsibilities that this entails. This designated person also has the obligation to pay for the removal immediately upon completion.
44. At wind speeds of more than 60 km/h or other weather conditions that make the relocation dangerous, Briand reserves the right to reschedule the removal to a different date.
45. Any delay may occur due to a (previous) removal, congestion, bad weather conditions and incorrectly specified information (of the previous / current / next customer) are no reason for complaint or compensation. The aforementioned causes also form a logical extension of the given starting time.