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Specialized in small moves

Moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona

Since 2016 we specialize in moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona  and the other way around. We are specialized in small moves and besides moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona we can also move to other cities. Moreover, we often move from Rotterdam or Utrecht to Barcelona.

For moves between Barcelona and the Netherlands, we provide private transport and shared transport. The private transport is available on a date the client needs to move and the shared transport is only available when we have van space on certain dates. Also, the shared transport is obviously much cheaper than the private one. 

Below you find 3 examples of the 3 van sizes we have, 4.5m3, 12m3 and 20m3. If you just have moving boxes, let’s say 10-25, a 4.5m3 van would be sufficient. The moving boxes’ size should be around 50x35x30cm to make it fit in the van.

If you also have furniture, for example a bed, a sofa and 30 boxes, a 12m3 van would be the right size for your move. For the larger moves we also have a 20m3 van available, that fits 60 boxes, 2 beds, 1 sofa and 1 fridge.

If you request a quote with us, we can give you several options for the move and based on the type and amount of items you have, we can select the right van that is needed for the move. The rates below are starting prices for transport only. This means the client needs to take care of all the lifting and carrying. We also have options to do this, but then the rate goes up too.

Moving 15-25 boxes (4.5m3 van)
From from Amsterdam to Barcelona


30 boxes + bed + sofa (12m3) 
From Barcelona to Utrecht


80 boxes + 2 beds + 2 sofas (20m3)
From Amsterdam to Barcelona


Other rates besides moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona

For other example rates, please click below

Barcelona to Amsterdam

We started moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona, because I (Bryan) found out that many Dutch people in Barcelona needed their belongings either in Barcelona or back in the Netherlands. Since we offered shared van space available with prices from €40, we could help many people moving their luggage.

On the other hand, we also help many international people with moving from Barcelona to and from the Netherlands.

We offer shared vans and private vans. A shared van is used if you are flexible on the timing and a private van is used if you want to move on a specific date. Importantly, shared vans are always lower priced than private vans, but not always available. Private vans definitely have better availability.

Besides moving services, we also offer storage options for your stuff for a few days up to months. Get in touch if interested.


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