Specializing in small relocations

Utrecht, Den Haag, Maastricht, Groningen

Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Munich

Rates from €55

Specializing in small moves

Moving Company Amsterdam

Briand is a moving company that offers local and international moving services. We are a small company that specializes in small house moves. In general, we move within Amsterdam and Utrecht, and we focus on moving services from any city in the Netherlands to Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Switzerland. If you have too much stuff for a car, or a complete apartment to move, we might be the movers that can help. In addition, we also offer storage. Below you find example rates for a ‘man with a van’ or a moving van with movers.

Van and driver without help
Van & driver
without help

€ 55

Van and driver with help from the driver
Van & driver
with help from the driver

€ 65

Van with two movers helping to load, unload and carry
Van & 2 movers
movers load, unload & carry

€ 140

Van with three movers helping load, unload, carry and wrapping service
Van & 3 movers
+ wrapping service

€ 800

Moving Service Amsterdam – Paris – Berlin

What we offer:
– Small moves: 4.5m3 van (10-35 moving boxes)
– Medium moves: 12m3 van (30 boxes, 1 sofa, 2 beds, 1 closet)
– Medium moves: 20m3 van (60 boxes, 1 sofa, 2 beds, 2 closets)
– Wrapping of furniture
– Storage (long & short term)

What we do not offer:
– Packing services
– Moving van rental
– Moving through the windows by ropes
– Moving of heavy objects by the stairs
– Construction work

Moving examples

We move from and to every city in The Netherlands, such as Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam & Eindhoven.
Rates are based on the date, locations and amount of items. The size of the moving van is based on the amount of items.

Moving 10 boxes (without help)
From East to West Amsterdam


Moving 25 boxes and 5 suitcases
From Amsterdam to Paris


Moving 40 boxes (50x35x30cm)
From Amsterdam to Barcelona


International rates

International Rates

Rates 4.5 m3

  • Amsterdam to Paris


    Amsterdam to Barcelona


    Amsterdam to Berlin


    Amsterdam to Brussels


    Amsterdam to Zurich


    Amsterdam to Maastricht NL


Rates 12 m3

Rates 20 m3

  • Amsterdam to Paris


    Amsterdam to Berlin


    Amsterdam to Brussels


    Amsterdam to Zurich


    Amsterdam to Hamburg


Rates 0.5 m3 (shared moving van)

  • Barcelona to Amsterdam


    Berlin to Amsterdam


    Brussels to Amsterdam


    Lille to Amsterdam


    Antwerp to Amsterdam


Other rates

For other example rates, please click below

Two Briand movers holding boxes in front of house

How it started

It all started in 2011 with a side business that was about importing two-seater MG cars from the UK to the Netherlands. Because the cars were quite small, they were only able to move (2) people and nothing else.

Moving team

Arturs the mover



Markus the mover


Strongest mover

Van with driver and movers holding boxes


& helpers
Brian Paays owner

Brian Paays

Mover / Marketeer

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