Moving from France to The Netherlands

And moving from The Netherlands to France

Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Leiden

Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Munich

Rates from €280

Specializing in small moves

Moving from France to the Netherlands

As a small moving company based in Amsterdam, we specialize in moving from France to The Netherlands. Along with being a small company, we also focus on small house moves. With us, you can already move 10 boxes. On the other hand, we can take care of medium moves too.

Not only do we move from major cities like Paris or Bordeaux to Amsterdam or Rotterdam. We absolutely serve all of France and all of The Netherlands.

Below you find examples of transport only options and their rates. Without a doubt, we can add help from movers as well and this does obviously increase the cost of the move. If you are interested in the costs, feel free to contact us!

Moving 30-40 boxes (4.5m3)
From Amsterdam to Paris


Moving 50 boxes, bed & sofa (12m3)
From Paris to Utrecht


60 boxes, 2 sofas, bed, bike (20m3)
From Lyon to The Hague


Other rates

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Moving France to the Netherlands

Briand specializes in moving from France to the Netherlands. We mainly move from Paris to Amsterdam. Of course, we can move to any other city in France and in the Netherlands.

We frequently move to Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux and Lyon. For a quote for a move from or to those cities, contact us!

Moving rates for Paris to Amsterdam:

4.5m3 from €350
12m3 from €980
20m3 from €1200

We can also offer storage options, in case the goods cannot be immediately delivered.

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