Moving berlin to paris

And the other way around, from Paris to Berlin

Utrecht, Den Haag, Maastricht, Groningen

Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Munich

Rates from €45

Specialized in small moves


We are based in the Netherlands and specialized in Paris and Berlin. Therefore we can also provide moving services from Berlin to Paris and vice versa. Below you find starting rates for the transport from Berlin to Paris. This means there is no moving help included. We can include help of movers if needed.

Moving 35 moving boxes (4.5m3)
From Berlin to Paris 


Moving 60 boxes + 1 sofa (12m3)
From Paris to Berlin


70 boxes + sofa + 2 beds (20m3)
From Paris to Berlin


Other rates

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Moving from Berlin to Paris

Since we specialize in moving services to Paris and Berlin from the Netherlands, we also offer moving options directly from Berlin to Paris.

Both being two mayor destinations in Europe, we noticed the high demand for relocations between them and since we enjoy moving to both cities, why not moving between them?

We use three types of van sizes for moving between Paris and Berlin, which are 4.5m3, 12m3 and 20m3. In the example above you find an indication of the amount of items could be transported and the starting rates as well.  

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