Moving from Amsterdam to switzerland

Moving from Switzerland to Amsterdam

Utrecht, The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam

Zürich, Luzern, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne

Rates from €650

Specializing in small moves

Specialists in moving from Amsterdam to Switzerland

Briand is a moving company based in Amsterdam that specializes in moving from Amsterdam to Switzerland. Besides Amsterdam, we definitely move from any city in The Netherlands, such as Rotterdam, The Hague and Delft.

Differing from other companies, we mainly focus on small house moves. Small house moves consist of 10-15 boxes (4.5m3) up to 50 boxes + furniture (20m3).

In the examples below, you find starting rates from Amsterdam to Swiss cities. With us you already have your stuff moved to Switzerland from €650. It should be noted that the rates below are transport only rates. This is a type of moving service in which the client takes care of loading and unloading. Of course, we also offer options with help with loading and unloading.

If interested, do not hesitate to get a quote from us or contact us.

Moving 10-25 boxes (4.5m3)
From Amsterdam to Zürich


Moving 40 boxes + 2 beds (12m3)
From Zürich to Amsterdam


50 boxes + 2 closets + 1 sofa (20m3)
From Amsterdam to Lausanne


Other rates for other cities

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Moving from Amsterdam to Switzerland

We frequently organize moving services from Amsterdam to Switzerland. Most clients we help, move from Amsterdam to Zurich, but Geneva and Lausanne are also popular destinations in Switzerland where we move to.

Rates for moves from Amsterdam to Zurich:

4.5m3 from €650
12m3 from €1560
20m3 from €1890

When moving to Switzerland, it is important to know is that your goods have to be declared at customs, in order not to pay import duties. For this declaration, many documents are needed. What type of documents are needed, we explain when you get a quote.

Furthermore, we also offer storage options in The Netherlands for a few days up to several months.

On the other hand, we don’t provide packing and we don’t move stuff through the windows, only by the stairs.

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