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Moving from Amsterdam to Vienna

Austria is one of the countries we definitely move to. Briand is a moving company specialized in small moves, based in Amsterdam and we can help with moving from Amsterdam to Vienna. We offer moving services from any city in the Netherlands to Vienna and other cities in Austria. Of course, moving from Vienna to The Netherlands also belongs to the options we offer.

We provide transport and moving options in at least three different van sizes. The smallest van we use is 4.5m3. In this van you can fit up to maximum 40 moving boxes of the size 50x35x30cm. If you have furniture to move, the best would be to move it in a 12m3 or 20m3 van. The decision we make about which van we use, we always base on the type and amount of items you need to move. Therefore, you get the right van size for your move.

Below you find some example rates of options that we offer. Without doubt, we offer many more options than the ones below. If you would like to get a quote, do not hesitate to contact us!

Moving 10-30 boxes (4.5m3 van) 
From Amsterdam to Vienna


Moving 60 boxes + 1 sofa (12m3 van)
From Vienna to Utrecht


70 boxes + 2 beds + sofa  (20m3 van)
From Vienna to Amsterdam


Other rates

Besides rates for moving from Amsterdam to Vienna, we also have rates for other cities

Moving from Amsterdam to Vienna

As a small company, we specialize in small moves. With us, you can move a few boxes or a small household.

It should be noted that the rate of a move always depends on the date, type and amount of items, the locations and the type of help needed. With our company, you can already move without help, meaning that the client needs to bring the stuff to the van himself. We also offer options of lifting the stuff to the apartment or house.

Please note that we don’t move stuff through the windows, only through the stairwells.

Additionally, we also offer storage options for days up to months.

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