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Moving from Amsterdam to Nantes

We are a moving company based in Amsterdam that specializes in moving from and to France. Nantes is a city we frequently move to and we definitely provide services for moving from Amsterdam to Nantes. As one of the few, we provide removal services for small households. With us, you can already move if you have 10 moving boxes. Important to mention is that we use at least four different van sizes and the smallest one we use is 3m3 in size. Furthermore, moving from Amsterdam to Nantes is possible with us from €780.

When you request a quote, we can give you options based on the type and amount of items you need to move and we also select the van size you need.

Below you find example rates for transport without help. This means that only the transport of stuff is included, without help moving the stuff into apartments, houses or storage. Of course, we can also offer the help of movers to move the stuff. Then the rate goes up.

Moving 10-30 boxes (3m3 van) 
From Amsterdam to Nantes


Moving 50 boxes + 1 sofa (12m3 van)
From Nantes to Amsterdam


50 boxes + 2 beds + sofa  (20m3 van)
From The Hague to Nantes


Other moving rates

For other example rates, based on van size, please click below

Moving from Amsterdam to Nantes

Nantes has become a popular moving destination for us. We organize at least one move per month for our clients that are moving from Amsterdam to Nantes. We can move from or to any city in The Netherlands, but Amsterdam is the most popular and lowest cost destination.

We offer basic moving options and we don’t move stuff through windows, only by the stairs.

Besides moving services, we also offer storage options for a few days and up to 12 months.

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