Moving from The Netherlands to Croatia

And from Croatia to Netherlands. We specialize in small moves.

Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Groningen

Zagreb, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Split, Pula

Rates from €1100

Specialist in small moves

Moving from The Netherlands to Croatia

Since 2022, Briand is offering services to help people moving from The Netherlands to Croatia. Due to more and more requests we got, we started organizing house moves to this country as well. We are in small moves and, therefore, we are one of the few companies that offers options to only move a few boxes. Rates from Amsterdam to Zagreb start from €1100. At this rate, you can move max 40 moving boxes of the size 50x35x30cm. At this rate, there is no help with lifting included, meaning the client needs to bring the stuff to the van at the pickup location and take the stuff from the van at the delivery location. We also offer the option of moving help, getting the stuff inside and outside the apartments or houses.

Below you find some examples of the options we offer. For an appropriate quote, the best would be to contact us. You can also fill in the quote form on this website and we can check what we can do for you.

(4.5m3 van) moving 10-30 boxes 
From Amsterdam to Zagreb


(12m3 van) moving 60 boxes + 1 sofa
From Zagreb to Utrecht


(20m3 van) 70 boxes + 2 beds + sofa 
From Amsterdam to Zagreb


Other rates

For other example rates, besides the ones for moving from The Netherlands to Croatie, please click on the link below

Moving from The Netherlands to Croatia

Since Croatia is becoming a more and more popular destination, we decided to offer services in moving from The Netherlands to Croatia. We are a small moving company with a team of maximum ten people that offers local and international moving services, mainly in Western Europe. We are based in Amsterdam and this is also the city we move most of our clients from.

With us you can move very few items, since we specialize in small house moves. If you have more than 15 boxes, it would already be interesting to move with us. Also, if you have 50 boxes and furniture, like a bed and sofa, we might be able to organize your move.

The options we offer are transport without help and transport with movers. We don’t offer packing services and we don’t move stuff through the windows, only through the stairwells.

We also offer storage options for all the stuff you need to move.

Please note that we move from any city in The Netherlands or Belgium to Croatia. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding moving to or from Croatia.

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