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Moving from Groningen to other cities

If you need to move from Groningen to any other city in or outside The Netherlands, we might be able to help. We are a small moving company based in Amsterdam, providing moving services from and to Groningen. With us, you can already move with a van and just a driver without any moving help, just transport. Importantly, rates from Groningen to Amsterdam start at €280. Moreover, we move from and to every city in The Netherlands, such as The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht or Eindhoven. Going international is definitely not a problem for us, since we specialize in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Switzerland. Of course, we can move to any city in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and many more countries as well!
Moving 25 boxes  (3m3) From Amsterdam to Groningen


Moving 40 boxes + bed + sofa (12m3) From Amsterdam to Groningen


Moving 50 boxes + furniture (20m3) From Groningen to Amsterdam


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Moving Service Groningen

Moving Service Groningen specializes in small relocations, we move from and to any city in the Netherlands and very often to Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. We provide basic moving options for small moves, medium moves and medium-large moves, but in particular, we are quite competitive in small moves. We offer transport only, transport with help and transport with 2-3 movers. We don’t provide packing services. Clients can also travel with us in the van to the moving destination, as long as it is within the Netherlands.

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